Promotion by Combat

Living in Chicago and being a major Chicago Bears admirer I am among the multitudes of fans that were riveted to their televisions this past Sunday, December 29th during Chicago Bears versus Green Bay Packers game. This latest edition of the oldest of NFL rivalries was critical to both the winner making the NFL playoffs and to Jay Cutler’s future as a Bears starting quarter back. This is the case since MR. Cutler is seeking a huge, new contract to replace his current expiring one.

Cutler during his tenure with the Denver Broncos

Unfortunately, Cutler lost 33-28 bringing his record to only one win and eight losses versus the heated rival Green Bay Packers! This lack of productivity will probably be a major contributor to him not receiving a major promotion from the Bears.

Chicago Bears | Gameday

This trial by combat demonstrates an important lesson for companies considering promoting their engineering, scientific and technical talent. Extrapolated to your company, it is extremely important to place your plant managers, directors of engineering, mechanical engineers, design engineers, process engineers, quality engineers, material scientists, chemists, polymer scientists, product developers, electrical engineers, software engineers and IT professionals in impact situations, like this season finale between the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers. This will quickly test their mettle. In doing so, ensure that these situations are critical to your company’s success. Then judge how the candidate performs when deciding whether or not to promote them in the future.


Unfortunately, many engineering, scientific and technical candidates flock to our recruiting firm seeking new job opportunities because their current firms don’t allow them better promotional opportunities. Then the previous employer will have to both: a) spend a lot of time and money recruiting to fill their positions and b) wait 6-12 months for the new prospect to go down a learning curve before becoming productive. This detracts from a company’s R&D, engineering and manufacturing innovations. Instead, place candidates in trial by combat situations like the Chicago Bears placed Jay Cutler to quickly test their abilities. This will save a lot of training costs and the uncertainty of replacing a trusted member of your staff.


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