Hiring Errors Prove The Need For Thorough Background Investigations!

In the course of executive recruitment, many hiring companies have committed major blunders due to not properly vetting engineering, scientific, IT and technical candidates. This can create a very costly, time-consuming and painful experience!

This spotlights the need for our company’s main mantra, being thorough. We recommend extensive background investigations including checking criminal records, civil records (e.g. bankruptcies), educational credentials and references. As part of this process we have retained an ex-FBI agent, private investigator, who doesn’t just rely upon mass databases, which are often outdated and riddled with errors. Instead, he digs deep by going directly to the courthouses where key information is housed. He takes this extra care because past behavior is the best predictor of future missteps. We have even trademarked our unique process, which is called Accu-Check™. Please go to http://www.strategicsearch.com/accucheck.php to learn more.

Background Investigations

This thoroughness has paid dividends many thousands of times over including during our 2012 search for a CEO of a venture-backed nanosensor company. During the vetting process we unearthed several DUI’s with one of the top candidates. Though he adamantly denied the infractions, I repeatedly quizzed him about this (Key: I learned from my investigator to ask and restate the same question in a variety of ways in order to “trip up” candidates). One version of my questioning was, “why would you agree to pay fines and do community service if you were not guilty of this infraction?” He folded under repeated questioning. As a result, my client was saved from the trauma of hiring the wrong candidate due to misinformation.

 criminal background check

So remember when involved in executive recruitment, make sure that both your internal management recruiters and external executive recruiting firms engage in very thorough background investigations. Do not rely upon the conventional and often outdated mass databases for candidate information. Instead, physically send one of your representatives to the courthouses in every municipality where the candidate has lived in order to check criminal records and civil records (e.g. bankruptcies). Also, do very thorough checks of educational credentials and references. Especially for scientific, engineering, IT or technical recruiting, the cost of not doing so will be astronomical and bog down your entire executive recruitment process!


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